Labodaz, the band, was formed way back in 1982.  Labodaz is the brain-child of Mykk Freeman and Larry McLeroy. After Larry was murdered in the early 90’s, the music was put aside until I decided to revive it. After a few tweaks here and there it was finally put down on paper and recorded. Not knowing anything about copyrights, I failed to secure my bands name, VisionQuest and before I got myself involved in any copyright infringement suits, I decided to go with the name that my guitarist and I first used long ago.

As a solo artist, I was very busy recording the first album. “The Calm of Strangeness” which was released under the name of “Mykk’s VisionQuest” and has done okay so far. I write all the parts of every song I release. The Chinjoka Syndicate came together quite quickly and has a much heavier vibe to it. Quick beats, thumping bass and awesome drumming will have you rocking in your boots.

Helping Labodaz

I would like some other artists to expand on what I have created. I am currently working on some fresh material for this new type of progressive rock. On occasion, we ask our listeners, fans and other musicians to help us with a song.. We have some songs in which we are asking the public for their input. If you have an idea for some music tracks, lyrics or vocals, drop us a line. First we need to know your talents, so fill out out the form supplied and we will go from there.

Biography of a Band

The music that I; We create is off kilter just a tad. I’ve had it called busy and repetitive all in the same sentence. I suppose the main reason why it is instrumental is that I can not sing. There are words for a majority of the songs, just no vocalist yet to lay down the tracks. As I stated before, we are currently working with a handful of musicians from around the country trying to find just the right sound for each song.

The albums listed on the site are what we call ‘original draft copies’. They are finished as far as instrumental songs go; however, there will be different versions with lyrics. If just one song gets the recognition we are looking for these copies may be worth something some day. Get a copy today. It just may be a very wise investment.



New Feature

“Build a CD”

The Storm Within

Available now on Strangeness Records

L a b o d a z

L a b o d a z

With three albums under our belt and a fourth one coming soon, our crazy minds are working overtime to complete our best yet.

the calm


Release Date: 1 July, 2017



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